How We Use Your Facebook Friend’s Information
How We Use Your Facebook Friend’s Information
Author: David McKnight By David McKnight, July 23, 2015

From time to time, we are asked why we require our users to share their Facebook friend’s list with us when they first sign up for LDSMatchUp.

Since it is such a common question, we thought it would be a good idea to answer it by writing a blog post.

So why do we require this information?

In short, it comes down to privacy and safety!

PRIVACY: please note that we do not use this information to spam your Facebook friends, nor do we ever reveal who your Facebook friends are to other LDSMatchUp users. Our user’s privacy is one of our core priorities, and we do NOT use your Facebook friend’s list to jeopardize your privacy in any way.

SAFETY: we request our user’s Facebook friend’s list so that we can help our users identify and distinguish the fake profiles from the real profiles!

In today’s crazy world, it is way too easy for anyone to pretend to be someone who they really are not online, and especially so when it comes to online dating.

Most dating sites - LDS dating sites included - suffer a great deal from people creating profiles in which they are not their genuine selves.

Having said that, we feel that out of all of the LDS dating sites, that LDSMatchUp is the best organized to minimize fake profiles, and in the rare instances where people do create fake profiles, that they are easily identifiable to our users.

One of the greatest tools that we have towards this end is that when our users are browsing other profiles, they are able to see how many Facebook friends these other individuals have.

In other words, if one of our users comes across a profile where the individual has only 3 Facebook friends, chances are, the profile is fake.

However, if a user comes across a profile that has 528 Facebook friends, chances are, it is a real person.

Although this tool is not 100% perfect in preventing or identifying fake profiles, it has proven quite effective in enabling our users to identify and to avoid the fake profiles that might pop up every now and then.

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