LDS MatchUp's New Website
LDS MatchUp's New Website
Author: David McKnight By David McKnight, March 23, 2015

Welcome to LDSMatchUp Version 2.0. We hope that you will find some of the new features revolutionary when it comes to online dating:

  1. “Picture Editor” - this has been the single more requested feature from our current users. You can now crop, reposition, zoom in, and zoom out on the photos you upload from Facebook. This will help ensure that you always look like a million bucks in the photos that you end up using on LDSMatchUp.
  2. “Message Center” - we have updated our “messaging” backend so that conversations happen in real time with no time delay. Conversations are also timestamped with date and time. Furthermore, you can now “star” conversations, and you can label them into “Green,” “Red,” “Blue,” and “Orange” categories for quick retrieval. We also make it easier to “print” and to delete” specific conversations.
  3. “Profile Blocker” - LDSMatchUp enables you to filter who gets to see your profile. Do you have an ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend that you want to proactively block? It’s all possible with LDSMatchUp’s privacy controls (you can even “block” them from ever seeing your profile, even if they haven’t sign up for LDSMatchUp yet!) Simply enter the other person’s Facebook URL in “PRIVACY” under settings, and they will be blocked from ever seeing your LDSMatchUp profile, or even knowing that you are on LDSMatchUp.
  4. “Pre-Like” - LDSMatchUp enables you to “pre-like” someone, even if they have yet to join. Is there a certain someone that you have gotten to know on Facebook that you have been “crushing” on forever, but to whom you haven’t been able to introduce yourself? Just put their Facebook URL in your “Preferences” under settings to automatically “like” them. If they happen to “like” you back, you’ve got your chance!
  5. Gone are the days when you only had one chance of “liking” or “not-liking” someone. With Version 2.0 of LDSMatchUp, you can now view everyone you have previously “liked” or “dis-liked.” Not only that, but if you have previously “dis-liked” someone, you can change your decision to a “like” and have another chance of making a “match.”
  6. Online dating can be interesting at times. Sometimes you do not know if the person on the other end is who they really say they are. In Version 2.0 of LDSMatchUp, you now have the option of showing your Facebook link so that others can click on it to view your Facebook profile. Please note that this feature’s default setting is turned “off.” You have to manually turn it on before others can see your Facebook profile. This way, when others view your profile and if they decide to click on the Facebook link, they can view your Facebook profile and see that you are who you say you are. Conversely, when you are viewing other people’s profiles, if they have turned this feature on, you’ll be able to click on the link and view their Facebook profile and see that they are actually who they say they are.
  7. Notifications - you now have the ability to decide how you want to be notified of “matches,” new messages, etc. At present, you have the option of choosing (1) Email, (2) Facebook, (3) Email + Facebook, and (4) none for 5 different categories. You truly have the power to determine the things you get notified about and how often.
  8. Themes - you now have the option of choosing between 10 different themes to decide how you want the user interface to look. You can pick your favorite theme under “Preferences” in settings.

We are still working on a few additional features that will be out shortly, including “Advanced Search,” our iPhone and Android apps, etc.